Teen Leadership Club

Our Teen Leadership Club (aka T.L.C.) is an all teen, middle and high school service and leadership development program. Meetings will be held at the Youth Center on the first Thursday of each month at 5pm. Food, activities, and raffles complement each meeting, as teens socialize and discuss upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Participants in this program will gain valuable skills that enable them to make positive decisions throughout their lives. Participants will also develop skills to:

  • demonstrate leadership
  • mature behavior
  • cooperation among their peers
  • be successful in the workplace
  • be able to provide a meaningful contribution to the Youth Center

Join the Teen Leadership Club

How It Works

  1. Earn Stars to earn smaller prizes throughout the year
  2. Earn 30 Stars (at least 3 from each color) for a trip to Valley Fair during the summer
  3. Youth Volunteer of the Year Award – $100 VISA gift card

How to Earn Stars

  • Volunteer Hours: 1 hour – 1 red star
  • Coaching Session: 1 session – 1 blue star
  • Attending Classes/Workshops: 1 hour – 1 green star
  • Attend Monthly Meeting: 1 meeting – 1 yellow star