• Treat your fellow youth, volunteers, and staff with respect.
  • Challenge yourself to learn/try new things and advocate for your needs.
  • Practice good manners and use appropriate language.
  • Be an active bystander – do what you can to help others or find help when needed.
  • The only physical contact allowed is hand holding.
  • Use Center equipment, property, and furniture for its intended use only.
  • Must be enrolled in school and be in grades 7-12 to attend open hours.
  • Keep food & beverages in the designated food areas.
  • Only tennis shoes and/or socks allowed on gym floor.
  • Follow the posted rules for computer use.
  • Clean up after yourself & help clean up The Center at closing time.
  • Skateboards can be checked in w/staff to secure if needed.
  • No alcohol, drugs, tobacco or weapons allowed.
  • Zero Tolerance for harmful behavior -Ex: horseplay, wrestling, hitting, shoving, punching, kicking, pulling hair, scratching, fighting, bullying or harassment.

Adults volunteer their time for your safety.

They reserve the right to:

Refuse to let anyone in.

Ask anyone to leave the center.

Thank you for helping keep The Youth Center clean, friendly and respectful at all times.