Community Thoughts

The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor. - Hubert H. Humphrey


Some of the programs the Cuyuna Range Youth Center have been involved in:

  • Community Service Projects
    • Roadside cleanup
    • Mine land cleanup
    • Raking local yards
    • Snow shoveling
    • Collecting food for the local food drive
    • Baking cookies for the elderly
  • Workforce Program
    • Helping with life skills
    • Helping with resume writing
    • Working with job interview skills
  • Youth In Transition (YIT) program
    • Youth groups meet with a counselor
    • Groups promote being responsible for their own actions
  • Tutorial Wednesday
  • Broomball teams
  • Poetry classes
  • Helping at Music in the Park
    • Providing entertainment during intermission
  • Twice a month younger kids get to use the center
  • Art, games, computers, and discussions 5th  6th grade program
  • 4thof July
    • Selling root beer floats and hot dogs
    • Picked up signs after the parade
    • Hotdog and brat sales
  • Heritage Days Car Show
    • Youth Center sponsors the event
    • Youth are the volunteers
    • Accepted well by the public
  • Purple Martin Bird Project
    • Kids can handle birds from eggs to fledging
    • Joint effort with local DNR
    • Located at Portsmouth campground
  • Garden Project
    • Kids tended a garden at Hallett community center
    • The kids grew potatoes, beans, onions, tomatoes, peppers, peas, and carrots
  • Valley Fair Program
    • Kids needed to volunteer 80 hours to go
    • Kids need to complete an education class to go
    • Good incentive and reward for the kids
  • Teen Dances
  • Youth Board
    • Planning events
    • Operate the kitchen – including the buying and selling of the food
    • Work in the kitchen

Some of the programs the Cuyuna Range Youth Center are looking to do:

  • Continue the following programs
    • All Community Service Projects
    • 5th  6th grade program
    • Heritage Days Car Show
    • Purple Martin Bird Project
    • Garden Project
    • Valley Fair Program
  • Youth Board
  • Youth Center Scholarship
  • Designated activity nights
  • Monthly dances
  • Annual lock-in party
  • Youth board newsletter
  • Hallett swimming party
  • Drug and alcohol education
  • Art club
  • Self-defense classes

The youth center is continually adding more activities and programs. Volunteers make it possible for all this to happen. If you would like to help in any way, please call Jackie Calos at 218-545-6575 or contact us through email cryc@crosbyironton.net. Check out our website to see upcoming events cuyunarangeyouthctr.org.